HLA Scatter Shot HS100

HLA Scatter Shot HS100 HLA Scatter Shot HS100

HLA Scatter Shot HS100

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Product Overview

Single Shot- UP to 40′ Broadcast

The Scattershot makes short work of your spreading tasks. Made of durable galvanized steel, the Scattershot can handle what it dishes out. From sand to salt, the internal agitators prevent materials from clumping or building up so you get the most out of every load. This broadcast spreader comes in Singleshot and Doubleshot models.

  • Stainless Steel Spinners – The six vane stainless steel spinners spread the material from the hopper.
  • Spinner Speed Control – The speed control adjusts the speed of the spinners, affecting the broadcast distance to suit your needs.
  • Manual Flow Rate Adjustment Slider – These sliders allow for the manual adjustment of material flowing from the hopper.
  • Floating Agitator – The floating agitators reduce bridging, ensuring that a consistent flow of material is broadcasted.
  • 13″ Quick Attach Spacer Included with Skid Steer – The 13″ Quick Attach Spacer included with Skid Steer Kit increases the amount of space between the skid loader and the ScatterShot allowing the operator to easily get in and out of the skid loader while the ScatterShot is still attached.
  • Fully Galvanized – Each ScatterShot body and frame is fully hot dipped galvanized to ensure the longevity of our broadcast spreaders.
  • Includes Hydraulic Hoses and Couplers
  • Hydraulic Shut-Off Gate – Using the hydraulic controls, shut off the flow of material to stop broadcasting.
  • Drop Spreading Shield – 36″ Wide – Reducing the amount of sand or salt landing on undesired locations, the drop shield limits the Scattershot spread to the width of a sidewalk.
  • Hopper Cover – Black Vinyl with Draw String – Ensures minimal loss of material during transport and keeps snow and rain out of the hopper.

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