HLA Snow Pusher 3500X Series

HLA Snow Pusher 3500X Series HLA Snow Pusher 3500X Series

HLA Snow Pusher 3500X Series

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Product Overview

Max Operating Weight: 10,000lbs

Taking full advantage of the HLA SnowPusher has never been easier. Ruggedly built with a welded double sidewall, the SnowPusher doesn’t need any bulky braces, ensuring smooth and clean lines inside. Finally, use the optional back drag or 3PH rear pull mount to pull snow away from tough to reach spaces, ensuring the lot looks the best it can.

  • 2 Year Warranty – Designed for harsh conditions, HLA Snow backs its 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 series blades with a 2 Year Commercial Warranty.
  • Expandable Pusher – The pusher is able to expand and contract to either increase or decrease the clearing width of the pusher, giving you more control over where you use it.
  • Flow Divider Valve – Ensures balanced left and right cylinder performance on the inner mouldboard when changing clearing width.
  • Spring Trip Cutting Edge – Allows cutting edge to trip back if struck by hidden object limiting damage.
  • Compression Springs for Trip – The compression springs for trip can be adjusted for tension.
  • High Tensile AR400 Adjustable Steel Skidbars – AR400 high tensile skid shoes for optimum performance and prolonged cutting edge life.
  • Built In Back Drag – Equipped with a built in back drag, this feature is ideal for back dragging away from doors and loading docks for an even cleaner finish.
  • Inner Mouldboard – The inner mouldboard slides on the support shaft, and hydraulically expand up to 48″ wider from closed position.
  • Rubber Cutting Edge – The optional rubber cutting edge is available for select models.
  • Snowblade Marker – Add this to your blade for better visibility and blade position awareness.

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