Hultdins SuperGrip STD

Hultdins SuperGrip STD Hultdins SuperGrip STD Hultdins SuperGrip STD Hultdins SuperGrip STD Hultdins SuperGrip STD


Hultdins SuperGrip STD

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Product Overview

The SuperGrip std is a light yet extremely powerful grapple for regular forwarding. It’s most suitable for thinning, but can also be used for lighter clear-cutting. This is the model we manufacture the most, and it forms the foundation of our SuperGrip series. Just as its name suggests, the SuperGrip std has become a standard of sorts in the industry – the ideal log grapple.

The SuperGrip, which was the name of the standard model when first launched, made its debut in 1993 (the “std” suffix was added only after the reinforced S-models were introduced a few years later). Thanks to technical innovations, and the use of high-strength steel throughout together with factory-fitted expander pins, it proved an immediate success among users.

Since its launch in 1993, we’ve continually refined the SuperGrip and watched with delight as its use has spread throughout the world. Our efforts to reach perfection, however, never end. So despite the success of the SuperGrip std, we continue the work to refine the forefather of modern log grapples.

Downtime in the forest costs money. That’s why we made the SuperGrip std strong and durable, so that you avoid standstills. Despite this, it doesn’t have an ounce of plate more than absolutely necessary. This is to keep the weight down so you can even mount it on a smaller forwarder crane or maybe your timber truck.

The SuperGrip std is fully robot-welded and equipped with a sturdy, end-position-damped cylinder. So it can handle high pressure both in the field and hydraulically, the latter up to 250 bar. Did we mention that it’s fitted with expander pins as standard? This means no play anywhere in the grapple.


Product Specification for Hultdins SuperGrip STD

model Excavator Class
SG 260 STD
SG 300 STD
SG 360 STD
SG 420 STD
SG 520 STD
model SG 260 STD
Excavator Class
model SG 300 STD
Excavator Class
model SG 360 STD
Excavator Class
model SG 420 STD
Excavator Class
model SG 520 STD
Excavator Class

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