Bateman BPG-WR Models

Bateman BPG-WR Models


Bateman BPG-WR Models

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Product Overview

The Bateman Woodrake Power Grapple (WR Series) Is No Ordinary Log Grapple, It is Built To Handle The Toughest Of Forestry Applications. Applications Ideally For: Grubbing, Working On a Row, Laying Down Mats, Feeding a Grinder/Chipper, Cleaning Up a Land, & Handling High Volume Of Logs.

It’s Versatility Is Unmatched, The WR Power Grapple Can Handle It All!

The WR Power Grapple Series Can Also Be Fitted With Either a Bateman Dangle Series Rotator (DR) Or With a Manipulated Series Rotator (MR) Which Provides 360 Degrees Of Continuous Rotation. Our Manipulated Rotator Series Offers a Superior Rotational Torque Performance Than That Of The Competition. New Iteration Of Your Average Log Grapple.

Woodrake Power Grapple Can Be Used As a Logging Grapple & Will Increase Efficiency For Any Forestry Applications! With Bateman’s Two-Year/Three Thousand-Hour Warranty, You Can Rest Assured That You Will Be Covered By Our World Class Service & Wide Dealer Network.

  • Can Be Used As a Standard Logging Grapple/Attachment. Pair Your Machine With a Logging Attachment That Will Save You Time & Money.
  • Proportional Control That Allows For Precise Functions.
  • Can Run On a Single Hydraulic Circuit.
  • 360 Degrees Of Continuous Rotation.
  • Available In 3/2 or 4/3 configurations.
  • SuperSaw Option Available.
  • More Handling Capabilities Than a Standard Log Grapple
  • Any Three-To-Fifty Ton Excavator.
  • Material Handler
  • Proportional Simultaneous Valve Available Specific To Your Machine.
  • Hultdins SuperSaw 555S and 650S Available.
  • Hard Facing Tines Available To Decrease Wear.
  • Available In 3/2 Or 4/3 Configurations.


Product Specification for Bateman BPG-WR Models

model Excavator Class
model BPG100-32WR-056
Excavator Class
model BPG100-32WR-062
Excavator Class
model BPG160-32WR-068
Excavator Class
model BPG160-43WR-068
Excavator Class
model BPG200-32WR-072
Excavator Class
model BPG200-43WR-072
Excavator Class
model BPG300-32WR-086
Excavator Class
model BPG300-43WR-086
Excavator Class
model BPG300-43WR-096
Excavator Class
model BPG400-43WR-116
Excavator Class

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