Drum Cutters

Epiroc VC 1400

Epiroc VC 1400

Drum Cutters

Epiroc VC 1400

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Key Specs

  • Carrier

    15 - 25 ton

Product Overview

VC 1400. The V Cutter.
A brand-new way of trenching and quarrying

How would you feel about digging a trench without having to go side-to-side to make it even? And save time, money, the environment and your carrier while doing so? Sounds too good to be true. Not with the new V Cutter.

The reliability, robustness and ease of use of our drum cutters have been taken to a new level. Placing the drums in a V-shape enables a cut with a flat base – no material is left untouched between the drums. This means you can dig a more accurate trench much faster. You work this drum cutter like you would a bucket, just go straight. No more zig-zag. The energy and time savings are substantial. It’ easier to operate and friendlier for the carrier. In the long run, taking reduced downtime and maintenance into account, it’s also a very good investment.

Some product features can be complicated to explain, this is not the case with the V Cutter. Here, the benefits are visible to the naked eye. A seemingly simple solution with an extraordinary leverage.

  • Your Benefits
  • Up to 40% energy savings
  • No more side-to-side movement when trenching
  • Easy handling
  • Minimum wear on carrier
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Work under water

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