Word Wagon Drills

Word Wagon Drills Word Wagon Drills Word Wagon Drills Word Wagon Drills Word Wagon Drills

Word Wagon Drills

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Product Overview

Designed for maneuverability, WORD Wagon Drills are available in the Man Portable 2-wheel and Mighty Mite 3-wheel options to best fit our customer’s needs.

The WORD Wagon Drills are self-contained units, only requiring an energy unit to function. These light-weight, high-capacity drilling packages are ideal for drilling in limited access locations. We strive to deliver our attachments to the necessity of our customer while maintaining the quality of our product, allowing us to ship certain products as soon as the next day!

Wagon Drill Key Features:

  • Detachable Upper-Body for Maneuverability
  • Feed Pull-Out Capacity of 7,000 lbs
  • Standard 6’ Drill Travel
  • Torque Capacity up to 3,300 ft-lbs
  • Axel Widths Available in 28”, 32”, 48”, and 60”

Each Drill Purchase Includes:

  • On-Site Installation
  • Drill Training and Certification
  • Over the Phone Support


Soil Nailing, Hollow Bar Installation, Compaction Grouting, Blasting, Dewatering, Anchoring, Fencing, Solar Installation, Augering, Drilling, Tiebacks, and Micropiles

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