Word Raptor Quarry Drill

Word Raptor Quarry Drill Word Raptor Quarry Drill Word Raptor Quarry Drill Word Raptor Quarry Drill

Word Raptor Quarry Drill

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Product Overview

The RAPTOR (patent pending) is a highly productive quarry drill system that is easily adaptable to meet a variety of needs within your quarry. Designed as a line drill for dimensional stone quarries, the RAPTOR’s quick coupler system allows more versatility and value to your quarry operations by allowing you the flexibility to change the front loader attachment. A fully self-contained mobile drill that drives right to the work site to drill either in the bench, or on an elevated surface to square up quarried blocks. The camera alignment system allows the drill to be set and leveled on any surface within 20° of level, without the operator leaving the comfort of the cab. Holding up to 10’-6” drill rod the RAPTOR will drill a straight line of holes with you choosing any spacing at 1” increments and any depth up to 116” in a single pass. The on-board air compressor provides all the air for drilling while the dust collection system collects all of the stone dust in a hopper which can be disposed of away from the other quarry workers. The unique SMART Shield feature includes a variety of sensors that increase drilling efficiency and reduce production cost by detecting a broken drill bit or drill rod, it detects the loss of air pressure as well as monitors drilling conditions that results in a stuck-steel on similar drills.

Raptor Quarry Drill Key Features:

  • 118″ Vertical Travel, 110″ Horizontal Travel
  • Dust Collector and Dust Hopper System Minimize Airborne Debris while Drilling
  • Drilling Systems Controlled Remotely Within Climate Controlled Cab
  • On-Board Compressor
  • Drill Purchase Includes JCB Telehandler
  • SMART Anti-jam system for drill steel and bit efficiency

Each Drill Purchase Includes:

  • On-Site Installation
  • Drill Training and Certification
  • Over the Phone Support


Dimensional Stone, Quarry Drilling, In-line Drilling

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