Flail Mowers

US Mower EX30HD

US Mower EX30HD US Mower EX30HD

Flail Mowers

US Mower EX30HD

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Key Specs

  • Approx. Attachment Weight

    610 lbs.

  • Parent Machine Weight Requirements

    9000-14000 lbs.

  • Cutting Width


  • Cutting Capacity


  • Required Auxiliary Flow

    8-22 gpm

Product Overview

Flail Mowers operate with blades rotating around a shaft vertically in relation to the ground and discharge debris downward and toward the rear of the mowing attachment. This makes it safer for operations where populated areas cannot be avoided and mowing is required. This also allows for a cleaner finished product.

US Mower Flail Attachments are best suited to general brush cutting for materials including grass, brambles, shrubs, & trees up to 3-4” in diameter. Smaller, uniform chips distribute evenly across the cut path. This cut material typically acts as a light mulch that easily breaks down in contact with soil.

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