Buffalo Turbine Dust & Odor Control - Hydraulic

Buffalo Turbine Dust & Odor Control - Hydraulic

Buffalo Turbine Dust & Odor Control - Hydraulic

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Product Overview

The Buffalo Turbine Hydraulic Dust Controller misting system is a permanent solution for any dust and odor control, designed for the Demolition, C&D Recycling and Metal Recycling industries. The Hydraulic Dust Controller can be powered by any hydraulic source that has at least 16 gpm flow rates. Simply connect the Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle to a common 3/4″ water line and harness the power of a legendary Buffalo Turbine single stage blower to control and suppress dust and odor particles. Attaches directly to skid-steer style machines, also available in a skid-mount.

Hydraulic for Skidsteers and Utility Vehicles with Skidsteer quick mount plate.
Hydraulically driven Blower runs off of any existing equipments auxiliary Hydraulics.
16gpm to 25gpm Hydraulic required.
Available in Basic skid mount.
Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle.
12 volt Oscillation stand is available.

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