Rotary Mowers

US Mower Rotary Mower Attachment

US Mower Rotary Mower Attachment US Mower Rotary Mower Attachment US Mower Rotary Mower Attachment

Rotary Mowers

US Mower Rotary Mower Attachment

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Product Overview

US Mower excavator attachments are excellent tools to partner with your heavy equipment for land clearing and landscape maintenance. From blackberry bushes to larger stands of material, we have the flail and rotary mowers to couple with a wide variety of parent machines for your application. Experience quality, durability and functionality with a US Mower excavator attachment.

Excavator Rotary Mowers excel at heavy clearing work in the toughest conditions. While able to mow grass, ideal applications include industrial level productivity for forestry work, fire breaks, rural or remote roadside and reclamation clearing. These brush cutters are productive on material up to 8″ in diameter. Blades are mounted on a bar or disc that rotates horizontally in relation to the ground.

US Mower Rotary Attachments are designed to cut heavy material in industrial applications. These are more economical due to fewer mechanical components with fewer wear parts. These produce large chips for easy post-project clean-up. This is ideal for large stands of materials that require aggressive mowing.

US Mower

Product Specification for US Mower Rotary Mower Attachment

model EX50HDR
model EX60HDR
model EX60SHDR

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