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Product Overview

RECONO GPS offers comprehensive asset tracking and fleet management services. Key features include real-time GPS asset tracking, geo-fencing for job site security, maintenance alerts for timely servicing, and detailed trip playback. It provides a seamless experience through automated reports and historical records for effective fleet oversight. RECONO’s technology supports proactive maintenance schedules and ensures vehicles are monitored closely for operational efficiency. Ideal for businesses looking to enhance asset security, maintenance management, and operational insights.

Asset Tracking
Track the exact location of your objects (vehicles, people, phones, bikes, containers, etc.) online and in real-time. Select any map option: Google, Satellite, OSM, etc.
View additional information about the tracked objects, including their speed, exact address, fuel consumption, travel history, etc.

Geo Fencing
The Geo fencing feature enables you to set up geographic boundaries around the areas of your interest. Receive automated alerts when the object enters or leaves marked boundaries.

Easily stay on top of preventative maintenance to prevent costly repairs.
The maintenance tool will enable you to setup a vehicle maintenance schedule to remind you of: oil changes, engine checks, tire rotations, license renewals and more.

Instant Notifications
Receive instant alerts about your tracked object, know when it enters or exits a geo-zone, when it is speeding and determine its stopovers. SOS alarms will turn on in case of any theft.

Fuel Monitoring
Easily check the tank’s fuel level and fuel consumption along the route in real-time.
Receive instant notification in case a fuel drop occurs, along with a relevant fuel report (with graph)

Remote Immobilization
Remotely shut off your engine from your phone to prevent ignition and stop theft. Have peace of mind when leaving your machine on job sites.

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