Hydraulic Vibration

Dynaset HVB Hydraulic Vibra

Dynaset HVB Hydraulic Vibra Dynaset HVB Hydraulic Vibra Dynaset HVB Hydraulic Vibra

Hydraulic Vibration

Dynaset HVB Hydraulic Vibra

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Product Overview

DYNASET HVB Hydraulic Vibra converts the hydraulic power of an excavator or backhoe into vibration. Vibration enhances penetration of a bucket into a rocky, hard or frozen ground, and offers other remarkable advantages.

Key Benefits

Hydraulic Vibra enhances bucket penetration, emptying, soil compacting, pile driving, asphalt cutting and thus improves the working efficiency of an excavator or a backhoe.

  • Easy to use since the vibration is activated from a button on the joystick
  • Vibration improves the versatility of the machine
  • A fast way to empty your excavator bucket from the sticky soil
  • Increases efficiency of asphalt cutting since vibration adds force to the blade penetration


Hydraulic Vibra operates in the range of 19-30 Hz depending on a model and has great features

  • Compact size
  • Optimized vibration frequency for all machine sizes
  • Safe to use; doesn’t wear pins or bushings
  • Installation on the boom and connections to auxiliary hydraulic lines and output parallel with the bucket cylinder


  • Enhances penetration to frozen, hard and rocky ground
  • Enhances bucket emptying
  • Enhances soil compacting
  • Enhances pile driving
  • Enhances asphalt cutting

How Does the Hydraulic Vibra Work?

Hydraulic Vibra utilizes a machine’s hydraulic system as the power source

  1. Hydraulic Vibra is connected to any hydraulic auxiliary line of an excavator and output is connected in parallel with bucket cylinder connections.
  2. It creates a controlled reciprocating pulsation in the bucket cylinder hydraulic supply which generates oscillation for a bucket or another attachment, this oscillation translates as vibration.
  3. Vibration enhances the operation of the attachment
OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS HVB 350 9-40 HVB 350 18-60 HVB 350 27-80
Vibration force max. kN
Frequency Hz 30 23 19
Flow max. l / min (U.S.gpm) 40 (10.6) 60 (15.8) 80 (21.1)
Pressure max. bar (psi) 350 (5000) 350 (5000) 350 (5000)
Length mm (in) 253 (10) 253 (10) 253 (10)
Width mm (in) 155 (6.1) 155 (6.1) 155 (6.1)
Height mm (in) 130 (5.1) 130 (5.1) 130 (5.1)
Weight kg (lbs) 13 (29) 13 (29) 13 (29)
Base machine size t (U.S. t) (t means tons) 0 – 5 (0 – 11) 4-10 (8.8 – 22) 7 – 20 (15.4 – 44)

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