Trojan Tracks

Trojan Tracks

Trojan Tracks manufactures premium rubber tracks for construction, agricultural, and landscaping equipment. With superior traction and durability, their tracks ensure optimal performance in diverse terrains. Choose Trojan Tracks for reliable rubber tracks that enhance the longevity and efficiency of your machinery.

Welcome to Van-Ed Equipment, the official Trojan Tracks dealer proudly serving the greater Vancouver area! At Van-Ed Equipment, we are committed to providing the highest quality hydraulic equipment and innovative solutions for professionals across various industries. As an authorized dealer of Trojan Tracks products, we are proud to offer a wide range of innovative and high-quality rubber tracks for heavy equipment.

Our partnership with Trojan Tracks ensures that our customers have access to rubber tracks for heavy equipment designed to provide maximum traction and durability on worksites. From construction and mining to forestry, agriculture, and beyond, we are dedicated to helping businesses in the Vancouver region achieve their full potential through the unparalleled power and durability of Trojan Tracks equipment.

With our team of skilled and experienced professionals, Van-Ed Equipment offers exceptional customer support and after-sales services, including expert advice, technical assistance, and prompt maintenance. We are passionate about understanding our clients’ unique needs and providing tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

So if you’re looking for reliable and high-quality rubber tracks for your heavy equipment, look no further than Van-Ed Equipment, your official Trojan Tracks dealer in the greater Vancouver area.

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